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About TecVana
About TecVana

Our Mission

To assist clients with a digital transformation that includes an affordable mobile marketing solution to effectively reach, engage and compete in the new digital tourism market for sustainable tourism businesses; today and well into the future.

Our Mission at TecVana
TecVana Global

Our Vision

To create a globally integrated and collaborative hub for todays eTourism generation, intricately connected and engaged with their own community, or any community, worldwide.

Our Values

  • Community

    TecVana is committed to building strong communities and strives to develop sustainable growth tools to ensure these communities, and the tourism market, remain strong. We know that strong communities are the backbone of a strong country- a step toward economic growth is a step toward global prosperity.

  • Collaboration

    TecVana believes the best ideas come from collaboration and discussion. We encourage and empower our team members to build individual skills and share different perspectives with an open, united atmosphere that fosters engagement and constructive feedback. We have built our digital market management platforms with collaboration in mind - collective ideas will help create a strong future for the eTourism market.

  • Environmental Sustainability

    TecVana recognizes the importance and value of unique ecosystems and environments across the globe. We are dedicated to inspiring our clients, users, partners, and employees to love the outdoors and participate in eco-friendly initiatives in all aspects of their lives.

A digital market
solution for the
next generation of
outdoor enthusiasts.

About TecVana
About TecVana

TecVana Corporation is a small company out of London, Ontario made large by partnerships and alliances that are specifically selected for their skills and expertise to provide our clients with exactly what they need for a totally turn-key integrated scalable solution for tourism and then exceed expectations through value-added services that will ensure the solution is built for where the market is going.

TecVana works to create partnerships with clients that is strategic and long term; sharing common risks and opportunities, leveraging resources from both parties to create productive and efficient teams and allowing for joint decision making to ensure a "win-win" relationship.

TecVana has developed a revolutionary integrated mobile platform solution called Open World Connect (OWC) that makes it simple to connect businesses of any size to consumers anywhere in the world who are considering travel while providing value-added services to both parties.

We organize global tourism and travel information and make it easily discoverable, universally available and useful for anyone simply searching for "something to do." For tourism businesses or businesses that benefit from tourism, OWC is unique in that it is a total end-to-end integrated mobile solution designed to maximize discoverability, consumer engagement and SEO with very minimal investment!

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