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Open World Connect
Open World Connect
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What is Open World Connect?

Open World Connect OWC) is an integrated mobile platform solution designed to maximize discoverability, consumer engagement and SEO with minimal investment.

OWC is, in effect, a centralized global mobile Digital Tourism & Business Information Centre.

The app is free to users who are looking for something to do that fits their lifestyle. It provides access to “community managed” real-time, authentic and trusted, 24/7, consistently formatted tourism and business content on activities, events, adventures and attractions happening in any participating community; whether that mean your own backyard, a nearby community, or internationally!

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Explore, Connect, and Earn Rewards.

Using a participation-based rewards system, users receive points for each journey and each activity they take part in, redeemable for prizes or cash in TecVana’s online store. Users can explore new hobbies through our online games, gaining points and skills they can use for real-life adventures. Learn to cycle, canoe, fish and more- all from the convenience of a single mobile platform.

Explore, Connect, and Earn Rewards

A centralized global mobile Digital Tourism & Business Information Centre!

Get the latest updates
Get the latest updates

The Open World Connect app provides users with the most up-to-date information about attractions, festivals, events, and activities, globally. It centralizes information into a fast and convenient app accessible from any location, providing users with instant updates on what’s happening in various communities.

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User-Generated Content
Means you Control
the Adventure!

User Generated Content
User Generated Content

Content for Open World Connect is created and updated based upon user feedback and requests. By sharing pictures, information, videos, and other content, users become part of a community offering real-time information on the latest trends, events, and activities across communities, globally.

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