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Get Involved Background
Get Involved Background

Tourism for Towns,
& Countries.

Town, Municipality or Community
Town, Municipality or Community

Investing in a sustainable future.

TecVana provides an integrated cost-effective digital market management solution that extends beyond the capabilities of traditional advertising.

The Open World Connect platform has been designed to leverage the power of advanced technology seamlessly integrated into digital media marketing in order to allow communities/businesses to be discovered by and engage with the new generation of digital travellers from a centralized depository of digital tourism and travel information.

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Leave the details to us.

Clients have only to supply their information and we will provide a marketable, profitable and sustainable platform enabling clients to grow their businesses and communities.

Our services include:

  • Content Marketing

    Open World Connect OWC) is an integrated mobile platform solution designed to maximize discoverability, consumer engagement and SEO with minimal investment. The platform includes a web and data base driven app that will allow communities to have their own identity to the user yet be maintained and supported by a centralized common hosted platform.

  • Gamification

    TecVana develops and manages a rewards model that enables interactive engagement, excites users about journeys, and motivates them to visit communities, attend annual festivals and events, and patronize local businesses.

  • Tracking & Sharing

    TecVana facilitates the sharing of information with other users to create an active and enthusiastic consumer base that will continue to grow over time. Our system automatically tracks shared and posted information to provide clients with current reviews, business statistics, and consumer feedback.

  • System Management / Back Office Support

    TecVana manages all aspects of the digital platform to ensure the technology is current, scalable, and continues to meet user expectations as well as client needs.

  • Social Media Management

    TecVana designs and manages all social media traffic from users, allowing clients to easily connect with consumers and ensuring clients maintain a consistently active and positive digital presence.

  • Website Management / Design

    TecVana will design and manage website content to maximize traffic and maintain a consumer base that is active and engaged with the community long after their initial visit.


Business Owner in his store
Business Owner in his store

Marketing to the digital generation with engagement.

Younger travellers rely heavily on new technologies and online services to shape their travel “experience." 95% of people use digital resources to organize a trip, using an average of 19 websites or mobile applications.

TecVana provides a complete integrated solution that includes Digital Media Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Mobile Marketing, software development (the app), design and programming, data management, host services platform, consulting, CMS services and support, and much more. The program is called Open World Connect.


A new way to build brand awareness.

Products placed in our online store provide retail businesses the opportunity to expand their brand and reposition marketing initiatives to engage with changing markets. Users are able to use points to work towards online products, allowing businesses to become a part of users’ journeys and build deeper brand loyalty than traditional marketing tactics.



Explore your world
Explore your world

Explore the world around you.

When a user visits the destination, the app becomes a Digital Mobile Visitor & Business Guide.

The program has gamification (reward program) techniques integrated into the app to motivate visitors to explore, discover and experience everything that the destination has to offer! Open World Connect essentially allows people to explore and discover via a programmed scavenger hunt within the app, all the attributes of a possible destination and earn reward points just for taking the virtual tour.

Reminders for events and festivals showcased in the app are available to be set by the user as well for the complete experience.

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